Thursday, July 31, 2008

Dear Acupuncturist,

I love you. I don't think I'm exaggerating, and I realize we just had our first date. But - it was "stick" at first ... "feel." You really listened to my needs, my wants, and my concerns. I really enjoyed our talk about your background. It made me feel better to know you had studied with a master, with an actual Chinese name, rather than getting your acupuncture licensure at, oh, the University of Phoenix. I just felt better knowing that you have studied with a real guy, in a real room, in Santa Fe no less. I like imagining you and your Master, in Santa Fe, amidst all the dream catchers and art and Bobcat Bite burgers. In the cool adobe, you must have asked questions, or he just told you the answers without you even having to ask. It sounds wonderful.

I'm thankful you've diagnosed me with blood stagnation. You know, I've been kind of feeling stagnant in my veins. ... Not really. But out of all of the symptoms of blood stagnation? I have a lot of them. And I like how you treated my stagnant blood yesterday, with the needles, and the mugwort, and the massage. It was ... just what I needed.

Acupuncturist? Not to put any pressure on you, but you know why I'm coming to you. You even told me a sweet little story about how I was coming at a "serendipitous" time, just as another "wannabe"mother got preggers, and left you for the mountains of Colorado. Your time together had been super productive, and just as she left, I came to you. Serendipitous, indeed ... but only if the results are equally as good.

So no pressure, Acupuncturist. But, just so you know ... I'm really counting on you.

Love, Me

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