Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Dear Makers of the Blackberry Pearl 8130 OR Verizon (take your pick),

You guys suck. At least in my world right now. Because this phone? It's worthless. It erases my call history, as well as all of my texts, at least three times a week. And your solution? Take out the battery! Reset your phone! Easy peasy!

No. Not easy peasy. I do not believe that having a fancy schmancy Blackberry (which I hardly can justify) should require me to perform the cellphone version of Botox to it three times a week. I shouldn't be having to remove things, shake things, plug in and out things, wait for 30 seconds, and reboot things. Like my Blackberry Pearl 8130.

It's ridiculous. I'll be calling you, Verizon, every day, until I get a new phone. Because at this rate? I'd be happy with a Verizon Wireless CDM 8905. Serious.

Love, me

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