Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Dear Little Baby I Haven't Had Yet,

Please come soon. Please appear in my empty uterus soon, because if you don't, my little boy is going to drive me crazy. In the sweetest, bestest, goodest way he possible can. You see, he's the best. But he's not as his greatest little boy potential without a sibling. I almost feel bad writing to you, Little Baby I Haven't Had Yet, because you are helpless, I realize. But, it's about the only thing I haven't done, so I thought I would give it a shot.

As I was saying, my little boy needs a sibling. Boy or girl, doesn't matter. And just one! One special little brother or sister to play with, to wrassel (i know, sp.), to throw his food at, and to take fun baths with. Because seriously? I can't take his cute little Carebear Stares at other kids. It's heartbreaking when we go to a restaurant/baseball game/neighbor's house - my little boy luh-huh-hoves other kids, and it breaks my heart that I am struggling to have you, Little Baby I Haven't Had Yet.

I know my two miscarriages didn't help. Neither did that freakin' ectopic that gave me a bum (yet still there) right tube. Nor does the suspicion that I have that I only ovulate from my right side. It's not optimal, I know, but - I have faith in you, Little Baby I Haven't Had Yet. I know you can do it. Just show up. My uterus is waiting for you.

But more importantly? So is my little boy.

Love, me

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