Monday, July 28, 2008

Dear Crocs,

Yeah, you. Crocs. The shoes. I have a bone to pick with you.

You're ruining my son's toenails, one by one. I didn't catch on until today, but I'm sure it's you.

How do I know? Well, it starts off innocently - the love of the croc. I don't own any myself, but for my one year old? They're a great summer shoe - slip on, bright and cheery, secure with the little backstrap, and breathable. But - that breathable part? I think that's what's killing my son's toenails.

You see, Crocs, while your little shoes are wrapped around my guy's little feet, I think they're a breeding ground for moist fungus to grow. And grow. And then infest. I started noticing his toenails getting a little ... fragile looking. Then they started to peel. Yes. Peel. Not wanting to be the I-Run-To-The-ER-Every-Week Mom, I chilled. I told myself, "Chill." But I couldn't help from noticing the, um, problem that was persisting.

After speaking to a doctor, and then spending some time on Google (yeah, so?), I'm pretty sure you're to blame, Crocs. But what do I do now? He loves the croc, and so do I. And, unfortunately, he doesn't have many other shoes. I ordered these, but are they too "girly" for my little manly man? My man who spends his days with dirt and bugs? He could wear his irrigation boots every day, but I'm afraid they would breed the same problemo. His Chucks are almost too small, but ... not quite. He can wear those.

Or - he could just wear his crocs with socks. Socks with sandals though?? That's another bone I have to pick ... with old men.

Love, Me

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