Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Dear Dogeared,

You guys are geniuses at making jewelry. No, I really mean that. When you're like me, and jewelry is a sentimental, precious addition to your otherwise rote, everday life, you don't want chunk and clunk. You don't want ugly chain links and silver pendants that, um, don't stay silver. Or gold for that matter. You really don't want things to look like you bought them at Claire's.

You, Dogeared, have mastered jewelry, in my humble opinion. Your pendants are perfection, your karma necklaces and bracelets are reminders to keep the circle loving, and your friendship bracelets/goddess bracelets/everything else? To die for.

I consider myself a JackieO type - in that I wear the same stuff, dayindayout. It's you, Dogeared, that makes that a reality in my life. My karma necklace never leaves my neck and my ivory cherub bracelet? Let's just say if I pulled an Aron Ralston, I'd be saving that bracelet first.

Love, me

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